In the beginning…

In the beginning there I was in high school, mostly bored and often in trouble.  I was into fun, mischief and girl’s pants (when I could).   I put in enough time with studies to get by but school was a social game for me.  I was interested in knowing people and how they thought more than Trigonometry or Chemistry.

I began journaling in little composition notebooks with my intended audience as my classmates.  The goal was to make them laugh, cry, “freak out,” get mad or think a little more deeply about subjects that at the time seemed important to me.  I was all about getting reactions.  The feedback I received ranged from “you’re crazy” to positive, which is to say; all positive, so I’ve kept it up over the years.

Sharing my journals became a way of introducing myself to people as the years went by.  People could get a sense of who I was and how I thought by reading what I had written; and by watching reactions to those writings I could gain a similar sense of someone else.  I’ve shared less and less of my writing over time and at times stopped writing altogether because I had always felt the need to “publish” something if I were to really take my writing seriously.  My ruminations never quite fit a format for a novel, short story or book of poems, which led me further away from a writing practice.  The advent of blogging has given me the outlet I’ve missed all this time, so I’ll begin again.  Over time I hope people will again react, interact and rekindle that other missing piece as well.

I intend to do a bit of history in some posts.  Whenever a group of friends get together and tell stories there’s always someone who says, “We should write that down” followed by someone else “no one would believe half of it anyway.”  Well I’m just the guy to give it a try.

For those interested I’ll cover the roller coaster ride that has been my life in terms of health and survival and I’m hoping to have some guests weigh in with some amazing (and equally unbelievable) recollections of their own.  I’ll transcribe earlier writings if I can find anything worthy of carpal tunnel risk and I’ll add other categories as the mood strikes.



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