Medical History, Part One

Medical History (Part I… Part II is Skin Prison above)

There are a few reasons for posting this where anyone can see it.  The easiest reason is that if I’m dying (again) in an ambulance or hospital Emergency Department and need the people charged with keeping me alive to know everything I only have to spit out a web address.

Another is:  since I’m writing about my experiences this will give some kind of glimpse into walking a mile in my shoes (hahahaha)

Another is:  this is a great time to be alive.  To stay alive.  To be thankful for till being alive to love and make stupid mistakes and maybe learn from them.  I can’t believe I woke up this morning.

This is not pretty and there are people that should not click read more.  I’ve left out more than I’ve put in and most of the bullets have such bigger stories.  I’ll get to as many as I can, but only if they make me laugh.



1977 – Chipped Patella (kneecap) Surgery removed chip and smoothed the rough edges – Dr. Sashi Patel

1979 – Fractured (Fx) rt. Clavicle (Collarbone)


  • Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) level = Cervical 6-7 Vertebrae; Quadriplegia (retained normal use/strength of dominant <L> hand) & fx rt. ulna
  • Removal and replacement of shattered  cervical vertebrae with hip bone & wire (12 Hour Surgery)
  • Repair of Pressure Ulcer on buttock area that resulted from above surgery with skin flap Dr. Steven J. Goodman
  • 1.5 month stay in Neurological Constant Care Unit @ Ellis Hospital for above; stabilization and recovery
  • 7.5 month stay Sunnyview Rehabilitation Center
  • (August)Repair Diverticulum of the Urethra – Dr. Zimmerman; Lahey Clinic

8/1983 – Repeat repair Diverticulum of the Urethra – Dr. Zimmerman; Lahey Clinic

~1984 ~ Skin Flap; removal of pinky toe for pressure ulcer rt foot Dr. Steven J. Goodman

1982-1995 – Chronic recurrent Urinary tract infections

1995 – Indiana Procedure (Bladder replacement)

1998 – Lithotripsy; Bladder Stone Removal  (Ultrasound shockwaves used to break up stones) – Dr. Robert Shahon

1999 – Lithotripsy; Bladder Stone Removal – Dr. Robert Shahon

2000 – Lithotripsy; Bladder Stone Removal – Dr. Robert Shahon

2000 – Fx (L) Femur; Desert Samaritan Hospital (see post on Pain)

2001 – Surgery Rt Shoulder to correct impingement and bone spurs (Arizona) Dr. Jeffery Braun

2002 – Repeat above Rt shoulder (NY, D’Ascoli)

2002 – Brown Recuse Spider Bite. Necrotic Tissue removed from buttock; Dr. Bruce Barach

~2004 Onset Pain (L) Rib 6th & 7th Area; Approx. T-6 Spine:

  • Dr. Stevens for pain management
  • referred to Dr Fellows, Ellis Pain Clinic; no solution/recommendation (fucking useless)
  • referred to Dr. Genovese to sever nerves for pain relief; sent to
  • Dr Lovely (for same) unwilling to do surgery until lesser options exhausted
  • Dr Carl consult for pain Rules Out (r/o) scoliosis
  • Dr. Vincent Somiao: botox/steroid injections for pain relief -structural changes made to wheelchair (w/c) to correct scoliosis “type” posture to alleviate any potential nerve pinching
  • Dr. Apecella (x3) Rhizotomy / steroid nerve burn w/ brief partial symptom relief
  • Punctured lung from last rhizotomy
  • Dr. German consult for Neurostimulator implant

5/13/2006 Surgery to implant neurostimulator in back

5/20/2006 Surgery to implant power generator lower right stomach

6/2006 Surgery to remove infected stimulator

7/2006 Surgery to remove infected power generator

9/2006 – Office visit Dr. German to resolve infection issue & discuss re-implantation of devices.  Was constantly exhausted and asked about r/o anemia

10/9/2006 Bloodwork taken @ Dr. German’s office.  Follow-up calls to determine results were not returned.  Later learned an employee was fired.  Sick to stomach so bad I couldn’t eat.  Was drinking only ginger ale.

Medications for pain at this time included Oxycontin 40mg 3x/day, Fentanyl Patches 75mg x 2 q. 72 hours, oxycodone 5mg 1-2 prn for breakthrough pain, neurontin 800mg 3x/day

10/15/06 –

  • 911 Call Albany Med Cardiac Arrest x2 & Pulmonary Arrest x1 in ER.  Brought back by epinephrine.  Told ER staff they had to intubate me.
  • Stabilized & sent to MICU.  Similar “crash” caught by staff and stabilized medically before “official death”.
  • Suspected pneumonia but ruled out
  • Suspected sepsis (infection) but ruled out
  • Was told I had heart attack and would be lucky to regain 20% of former heart function.
  • Sent to floor with meds stopped to have heart test done.  Spasms resumed, intervention team called, barely averted another death and returned to MICU
  • Moved toCardiac ICU.  Several instances of problems with spasms treated with shots of Fentanyl with decreasing effectiveness.  Neuro rehab was consulted for spasm management and Baclofen was started with valium prn.
  • Transferred to Rehab unit when cleared from a Cardiac standpoint
  • Blood consult done with Dr. Harry Dunn, mentioned possibility of Sarcoidosis
  • Developed a clot in my arm where line had been placed for vein access.
  • Discovered resistance to Heparin, as body forms antibodies to med, rendering it ineffective.  Was switched from Lovenox to Arixtra injections.  Lower prophylactic dose mistakenly prescribed by Dr. Forest (fucking moron) and discharged home

(Next Day) Overnight had experienced difficulty breathing.  Spasms began in the morning.  Albany Med consulted, 2mg tizanadine prescribed and tried then repeated with no result.  Called 911 and brought to Ellis ER.  2 pulmonary emboli found.  Admitted to ICU.  Nodules in lungs discovered, and after ruling out cancer (CA) Sarcoidosis was diagnosed.  Treatment with Prednisone started

2007  Spasms 911 Ellis ER Admitted UTI

2007  Spasms 911 Ellis ER Admitted UTI

2007  Spasms 911 Ellis ER Admitted UTI Coma induced.  Blood and urine cleared and spasms still occurred.  NO EXPLANATION other than fentanyl “withdrawl.”

Reasoned during this admission:

  1. The fentanyl patches, now up to 200 micrograms were not lasting, so the script was switched from every 72 hours to change every 48 hours.  I was up to 120 mg of oxycontin 2x/day..
  2. The fentanyl was somehow suppressing the spasms, and when it wore out, the legs started in.  I had figured that out back before my first admission, but this was the first time the docs accepted it.

Family Consulted with Dr. Steven Kirshblum, Kessler Institute

10/24/07 Surgery; T3 – T10 Laminectomy & Rhizotomy.  Following surgery coma was induced for rapid weaning

11/08 Fall, Fx R Femur Dr. D’Ascoli surgery

3-5 months tolerable pain levels.  Pain subsequently increased from dull ache to intermittent stabbing to steady stabbing

Restarted short acting oxy IR.

9/09 Consult Approved for Dr. Steven Kirshblum Believes it’s muscle or bone; X-rays r/o bone

Steven’s Consult Syad reluctantly agrees to do exploratory surgery

Syad Surgery I (story to follow)

Syad Surgery II

2011 911 Infection Ellis xfer to Albany Med

Spine Surgery T6-7

Spine Surgery II one month later (6 month stay – story to follow)

01/2013 Spine Surgery III Rods

11/2013 Torn Cartilage rt shoulder

12/2013 Re-injure rt shoulder (current as of writing, see Skin Prison post)


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