Next Phase Voice?

I’m exploring the possibility of becoming an audiobook narrator.

Ohhhhhh, well you have a good voice for that; cool.

Chronic pain coupled with the limitations of my disability have left me with very few options in my professional field.  In theory I suppose I could be a therapist or life coach and work online or over the phone.  Ultimately I’m not interested.  In describing how Life Coaching differs from therapy I’ve heard the following:

Think someone with a newly broken leg, a cast and crutches.  A therapist role in this situation would be to help that person adapt and overcome.  Once the leg is completely healed that person then seeks out a life coach.  In this metaphor the life coach is a person who helps you explore your maximum potential.  They then help you set, and subsequently achieve, goals.  So the therapist teaches you how to walk with a broken leg.  The life coach helps you run a 4 minute mile.

Something like that.  I liked the idea that I could step out of a profession that typically works with a model that something (or someone) is broken and needs to be fixed.  Life Coaching is a positive model that focuses on maximizing human potential.  Help someone be the best someone they can be.  I still love the idea and everything that I learned exploring the field.  The bottom line is that it feels a bit too “new age” to me and I believe to most other people.

I’m not sure how or when the light bulb went off for me, during the year of 2015.  I had been reading several books on diet, nutrition, the evils of wheat and several other “like” topics.  Like a rabbit I chase information, devour it, and in the process discover 3 other (or 5 or 7 or 15) topics I’m interested in.  I started looking at the developments in speed reading since the Evelyn Wood speed reading commercials of decades past.  I discovered that an online book club I’m in has an audiobook exchange program.  Someplace in all of this I realized that maybe I could actually narrate audiobooks.  I found a website that matched up narrators with authors who would like to have their works released as audiobooks!  There’s a need for narrators and it can be done with fairly low start-up costs!

Since that time I have been exploring the larger world of voice over (VO) and again devouring everything I can find to explore whether I can make this a hobby or new career.  Despite the fact that there are numerous websites, coaches, organizations, tutorials, youtube videos (etc etc etc) out there to help someone enter this field; it is VERY difficult to know how to proceed.  There is different ways to go about pursuing a career in VO and a myriad of people with a myriad of opinions and advice about the right ways, and the wrong ways to go about becoming an audiobook narrator, or stepping into the vast field of voice over work that’s out there.  I’m fascinated by all of it, and decided maybe I’ll write down what I’m learning.  I have a hope that I might help the next person stumbling onto this field save some time and effort.   I’ll outline what I’ve discovered and put all of the information that I’m gathering into one place.

So my goal is to describe what I’m learning about the wonderful world of voice acting.  My ups and downs, the good and bad and everything in between.  If this sounds at all interesting, I invite you to follow along and ask questions, give advice or constructive feedback.  I’ll link to resources I discover along the way to give credit where due, and so you can get lost down as many rabbit holes as you like!  In this process I will talk about my previous professional lives along the way.  It makes sense if I choose therapy or self help books because it’s familiar ground.  I might choose books on hypnosis or mediation, public speaking or teaching because I have done all of those things.  For now however, looking forward…. my next phase is voice!




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