Wild Weekend Conspiracy Theory

ufoimageAs the weekend approaches, and many parts of the country expected to be buried under snow and dangerous road conditions, I’d like to offer a couple of videos to help you pass the time.  This post is media-heavy; bear with me.  I’ll get to those in a minute.

Growing up during the Cold War Era we were the idea of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD), which posited that the USSR and the USA had enough nukes to kill everyone on the planet 1,000 times over.  If either one “pushed the button” then the other would also push the button and the world ends.  Clearly no one would push the button – that would be madness.  Movies were made:

songs were written where Sting croons that he “hopes the Russians love their children too.”

You sort of grimly accepted as truth the MAD was real, that everyone could be killed a thousand times over.  Living in upstate New York near General Electric you’d go along with the idea that we were 27th (or 17th or 5th) on “the list.”   This pretty much ensured that we were toast.  We would not be participating in the Mad Max post apocalyptic world.  Periodically we would be reminded of this when our radio waves or TV screens were interrupted with

We’d have these drills in school where we were supposed to get under our desks and bend over, placing our heads between our knees.  I’m not sure what they did in other parts of the USA, but since we knew we were high on the list we would add “and kiss your ass goodbye.”

So that’s how I grew up.  I have a friend that is always trying to get me to pay attention to how money is handled in the world.  This is a smart person and I listened.  I’d follow a link and be intrigued but inevitably the theory would “go too far” and the author would lose me.  There might be facts but I would dismiss them as the baby was thrown out with the bath water.  Then I read The Day After Roswell.  This book answered a couple questions I had for a long time.  How did we make a jump from transistors and TV to computers?  Why do we need to kill everyone on earth over one thousand times?  Couldn’t we just kill everyone 10 times?  Surely 100 each would do the trick.  The author was the one that facilitated getting pieces of the downed UFO to companies for reverse engineering.   So, I turned a corner in terms of what I’m open to believing.  It never changed my life.  It’s not something that comes up much.  You’ll hear about Steven Hawking saying maybe we shouldn’t be broadcasting signals out into the universe because you don’t know who might answer, but you don’t think much about it. Recently however, I’ve seen two documentaries that I stumbled upon following a Steven Hawking / UFO rabbit hole.  More after the click… Both are a bit lengthy.  Both start with science and end up in a more spiritual/philosophical area.  Both explain that the evidence is overwhelming that UFO and extraterrestrial visitation are a real and ongoing phenomenon  They go on to say that the reason everyone doesn’t know about this is because powerful people involved in the energy and banking industries would lose their power, influence and money streams.  Because the technology to power UFO’s to get here would be similar to tech developed as far back as Tesla.  If utilized it would be free.  To everyone.  The tech has been suppressed.  The first is completely free.  The second you can watch for free on Netflix (search Sirius),buy or rent; but I’ll add an interview with the producer and some YouTube videos that outline the evidence.

I’m about to link so you can see for yourself and draw your own conclusions.  Just one last point to consider.  One of the major ways that this information stays underground is simply by ridicule of those who are silly enough to try to share the information.  So if you think I’m a whack job mission accomplished.  I kept an open mind to counteract what I felt might be my own; and humanities arrogance.  The more science discovers how vast the universe is the less likely it is that we are the sole intelligent planet.  Given the violence and hate we have on this planet, I feel that I should have qualified “intelligent.”

Popcorn, blankets and open minds at the ready……

I’m not looking to change minds or the world.  I just find it fascinating.  And depressing.


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