Blog Reboot

January 2016

The material below this post is a compilation of posts that have appeared over time in a variety of different places.  I’ve shut down my other blogs and I’m putting my attention here in just one place.  A year from now this won’t matter.  Right now however the older posts are scattered and have quite a bit of overlap, that I’m going to have to edit.  The site itself needs organization.  I need to find a look I like and set up menus and add widgits and most importantly a donation cup so you can buy me coffee.

It no longer made sense for me to have a disability blog, a relationship blog, a historical exploits blog.  I’m writing because I’m returning to my first love.  I’m blogging because I need to make sense of the wild ride I’ve had and why I’m still here.

When I make mistakes I make them in very big ways.  Therefore the lessons learned can be equally valuable.  Maybe by retelling some of my epic exploits and colossal mistakes I can share a few laughs.  It would be even better if someone could read something here and then avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made.  One can hope.

If by chance I begin coming across as a hero in this story please remind me how far that is from the truth.  The people that are the heroes in my story are the friends and family who continue to love and support me despite the fact that I’m not a hero.  The real heroes are the ones who for any length of time have stood by me and loved me even though I have taken them for granted and wronged them over and over.  So for my first lesson I hope you can figure out that it’s best to make it as easy as possible for the people who love you.

They are crazy.