Wild Weekend Conspiracy Theory

ufoimageAs the weekend approaches, and many parts of the country expected to be buried under snow and dangerous road conditions, I’d like to offer a couple of videos to help you pass the time.  This post is media-heavy; bear with me.  I’ll get to those in a minute.

Growing up during the Cold War Era we were the idea of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD), which posited that the USSR and the USA had enough nukes to kill everyone on the planet 1,000 times over.  If either one “pushed the button” then the other would also push the button and the world ends.  Clearly no one would push the button – that would be madness.  Movies were made:

songs were written where Sting croons that he “hopes the Russians love their children too.”

You sort of grimly accepted as truth the MAD was real, that everyone could be killed a thousand times over.  Living in upstate New York near General Electric you’d go along with the idea that we were 27th (or 17th or 5th) on “the list.”   This pretty much ensured that we were toast.  We would not be participating in the Mad Max post apocalyptic world.  Periodically we would be reminded of this when our radio waves or TV screens were interrupted with

We’d have these drills in school where we were supposed to get under our desks and bend over, placing our heads between our knees.  I’m not sure what they did in other parts of the USA, but since we knew we were high on the list we would add “and kiss your ass goodbye.”

So that’s how I grew up.  I have a friend that is always trying to get me to pay attention to how money is handled in the world.  This is a smart person and I listened.  I’d follow a link and be intrigued but inevitably the theory would “go too far” and the author would lose me.  There might be facts but I would dismiss them as the baby was thrown out with the bath water.  Then I read The Day After Roswell.  This book answered a couple questions I had for a long time.  How did we make a jump from transistors and TV to computers?  Why do we need to kill everyone on earth over one thousand times?  Couldn’t we just kill everyone 10 times?  Surely 100 each would do the trick.  The author was the one that facilitated getting pieces of the downed UFO to companies for reverse engineering.   So, I turned a corner in terms of what I’m open to believing.  It never changed my life.  It’s not something that comes up much.  You’ll hear about Steven Hawking saying maybe we shouldn’t be broadcasting signals out into the universe because you don’t know who might answer, but you don’t think much about it. Recently however, I’ve seen two documentaries that I stumbled upon following a Steven Hawking / UFO rabbit hole.  More after the click… Continue reading “Wild Weekend Conspiracy Theory”


Pet Peeve #1 Commercials

I despise commercials.  I hate everything about them.  I considered starting a blog that would break down how commercials were loathsome in so many ways.  I’d embed the video and then rip it apart ensuring all my readers would also hate the commercial and punish the advertisers by NOT EVER purchasing the product.

My arguments would be from just the sheer number of varied campaigns like GEICO to the inane idea that by displaying a man as a moron I’ll somehow go out and buy that product.  I’d cover how we only get 18 minutes in a 30 minute show for example.

Too much negativity so I won’t do a whole blog.  Also I’m thinking my embedded videos would get shut down pretty quickly if I had nothing nice to say.  So instead I thought I’d go positive and share the rare commercials that are actually good in some way.

This one told the truth by accident and marketed honestly.  If you need a beer to get drunk this was your beast.

Then there is the very rare good commercial that becomes more than a commercial:

The Superbowl will be here next month.  If they manage to come up with another good commercial maybe I’ll waste our time again.

Pain Part Two (and history of Narcotics)

Pain & Narcotics History

I post this because it’s my life.  As stated before my world had shrunken down to a few rooms and pain.  Then the task of distracting myself from this pain and still finding joy in life.  I’m on narcotics because I can’t not be (sort through that double negative English police peeps).  This comes at a time when half the world is addicted to the same pills I’m on.  I take them legally to escape physical pain.  I do often get lumped in and looked at as one of the people who obtain them any way they can to escape their psychic or real pain of their own.  I’m stuck in a system that is cracking down on the abuse of these medicines and I’m at risk of being mistaken as one of the abusers.  We all have our pain and deal with it well and badly at times.

The following is a document I submitted to my doctor to be included in my electronic medical record: Continue reading “Pain Part Two (and history of Narcotics)”

Fear and Loathing in America

Recently, I received a text from a close friend who asked me if I had gotten a strange email from someone we both know.  At first I joked that “every correspondence I receive from said individual is weird” but I told him I’d check it out and write back.

In my inbox indeed I found the following:

Do you know which city this is? 
It is MARSEILLE, France’s 2nd largest city!
And do you know what is the 2nd language spoken in Marseille?
Well, yes: it’s French. THE FIRST IS ARABIC.
Give them Paradise, and they will turn it into a garbage bin.
Muammar Gaddafi said in a speech that there was no need to invade Europe, because in 20 years Europe would be Muslim!
Are any of the readers of this e-mail foolish enough to think it will stop in Europe???

The text was interspersed with pictures of brown and black people living their lives and smiling and interestingly… creating art.  Others were selling goods in an open market.  Many had traditional Muslim garb, though not all.

I wondered whether my friend had an email virus that was using his account to spread unwanted emails out to his contact.  When asked via text if he sent the “do you know which city this is” text or does he need to run a virus checker ?  I offerred to email it back to him if he didn’t know what I was talking about.  In response I received the following:

I sent it firmly proudly.  Don’t need it back.  On my way to Colin Hay show.  Talk later ~ tomorrow.

My immediately rely:  No, you’ll get my reply now.  Please dont ever email me anything again.

Him: delete it then.  Peace Continue reading “Fear and Loathing in America”

In the beginning…

In the beginning there I was in high school, mostly bored and often in trouble.  I was into fun, mischief and girl’s pants (when I could).   I put in enough time with studies to get by but school was a social game for me.  I was interested in knowing people and how they thought more than Trigonometry or Chemistry.

I began journaling in little composition notebooks with my intended audience as my classmates.  The goal was to make them laugh, cry, “freak out,” get mad or think a little more deeply about subjects that at the time seemed important to me.  I was all about getting reactions.  The feedback I received ranged from “you’re crazy” to positive, which is to say; all positive, so I’ve kept it up over the years.

Sharing my journals became a way of introducing myself to people as the years went by.  People could get a sense of who I was and how I thought by reading what I had written; and by watching reactions to those writings I could gain a similar sense of someone else.  I’ve shared less and less of my writing over time and at times stopped writing altogether because I had always felt the need to “publish” something if I were to really take my writing seriously.  My ruminations never quite fit a format for a novel, short story or book of poems, which led me further away from a writing practice.  The advent of blogging has given me the outlet I’ve missed all this time, so I’ll begin again.  Over time I hope people will again react, interact and rekindle that other missing piece as well.

I intend to do a bit of history in some posts.  Whenever a group of friends get together and tell stories there’s always someone who says, “We should write that down” followed by someone else “no one would believe half of it anyway.”  Well I’m just the guy to give it a try.

For those interested I’ll cover the roller coaster ride that has been my life in terms of health and survival and I’m hoping to have some guests weigh in with some amazing (and equally unbelievable) recollections of their own.  I’ll transcribe earlier writings if I can find anything worthy of carpal tunnel risk and I’ll add other categories as the mood strikes.