Sexuality & Relationships

be honest… you clicked here first

I’m willing to admit that from birth to about maybe 9 years old I wasn’t interested in sex.  I skipped the “I hate girls” stage in my recollections.  Ok thinking back… it started before I was 9.  I remember holding hands with Tracy H. in first grade and my poor grandmother catching me with my pants down and the Grant girls poking me with blades of grass.  I was hooked.

I lost my virginity too early and was so freaked out by it that I stuck to heavy petting till I was 16 and lost my virginity all over again, despite people poking their heads through windows and even Marty R. throwing a toad against the window.  This time, I was hooked.

I’ll just say prolific for the next few years and leave it at that.  After I broke my neck (you’ll need to eventually read the Health section) my interest didn’t diminish.  I told my social worker in the rehab hospital that I enjoyed all 4 drives:

  • hunger
  • thirst
  • pain avoidance (somewhat)
  • sex

prior to my accident and that despite being paralyzed I was finding that none of them had diminished.  Further, while I appreciated the retraining I was getting regarding dressing, eating, cooking, etc my reeducation was going to be incomplete without sex being added to the curriculum.  They obliged by showing a whole group of us what I considered to be horrific videos.  Hey it was the 80’s.  I’m sure cripple porn has come a long way.  I managed to not get unhooked but I had to start over.

I’ll share some of the stories in this section but if you’re looking for sexploits you’ll probably be disappointed.


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