Pet Peeve #1 Commercials

I despise commercials.  I hate everything about them.  I considered starting a blog that would break down how commercials were loathsome in so many ways.  I’d embed the video and then rip it apart ensuring all my readers would also hate the commercial and punish the advertisers by NOT EVER purchasing the product.

My arguments would be from just the sheer number of varied campaigns like GEICO to the inane idea that by displaying a man as a moron I’ll somehow go out and buy that product.  I’d cover how we only get 18 minutes in a 30 minute show for example.

Too much negativity so I won’t do a whole blog.  Also I’m thinking my embedded videos would get shut down pretty quickly if I had nothing nice to say.  So instead I thought I’d go positive and share the rare commercials that are actually good in some way.

This one told the truth by accident and marketed honestly.  If you need a beer to get drunk this was your beast.

Then there is the very rare good commercial that becomes more than a commercial:

The Superbowl will be here next month.  If they manage to come up with another good commercial maybe I’ll waste our time again.