My Biggest Mistake In Life – Round One

To qualify, before I begin.  I believe that mistakes should be turned into gifts.  We should make mistakes every day.  If we aren’t, then we aren’t taking chances.  We aren’t risking.  We aren’t learning.  We aren’t living.  Take chances.

  1. Touch the stove.  But,
  2. Don’t learn about crossing the street by walking into traffic

The first teaches.  The second kills.  The first evolves.  The second ends.  So make mistakes and learn.  When you find yourself repeating mistakes; urgently pay attention and learn better.

Knowing me, people might expect that getting behind the wheel on March 26th, 1982 and the events following it would easily rank number one.  Erasing that day would mean I don’t become paralyzed.  I don’t die a bunch of times and have more surgeries than I can count, or eventually chronic, horrific pain.  Nope. Continue reading “My Biggest Mistake In Life – Round One”