My Biggest Mistake In Life – Round One

To qualify, before I begin.  I believe that mistakes should be turned into gifts.  We should make mistakes every day.  If we aren’t, then we aren’t taking chances.  We aren’t risking.  We aren’t learning.  We aren’t living.  Take chances.

  1. Touch the stove.  But,
  2. Don’t learn about crossing the street by walking into traffic

The first teaches.  The second kills.  The first evolves.  The second ends.  So make mistakes and learn.  When you find yourself repeating mistakes; urgently pay attention and learn better.

Knowing me, people might expect that getting behind the wheel on March 26th, 1982 and the events following it would easily rank number one.  Erasing that day would mean I don’t become paralyzed.  I don’t die a bunch of times and have more surgeries than I can count, or eventually chronic, horrific pain.  Nope. Continue reading “My Biggest Mistake In Life – Round One”


My Twisted Angel

This is a story from long ago.  A story of youth but more.  A hurt from forever ago.  I loved someone in my teenage way for a long time.  Going back in time like this can be painful because I was not necessarily a great person back then.  I had managed to go from a shy person with girls to somewhat of a dog.  So I’ll get that apology out of the way early on.  What was ego enhancing back then as a teenage guy fed a fire and a reputation that wasn’t bad to have back then.  What I was proud to be back then I’m not proud of now.  Part of looking back for me is taking a more honest accounting of was really going on with me; and the consequences to myself and others.  I don’t want to whitewash any of it because the lessons for me that can be extracted (and therefore not repeated) can be used by others to avoid making them in the first place.  Having said that…. Continue reading “My Twisted Angel”

Fear and Loathing in America

Recently, I received a text from a close friend who asked me if I had gotten a strange email from someone we both know.  At first I joked that “every correspondence I receive from said individual is weird” but I told him I’d check it out and write back.

In my inbox indeed I found the following:

Do you know which city this is? 
It is MARSEILLE, France’s 2nd largest city!
And do you know what is the 2nd language spoken in Marseille?
Well, yes: it’s French. THE FIRST IS ARABIC.
Give them Paradise, and they will turn it into a garbage bin.
Muammar Gaddafi said in a speech that there was no need to invade Europe, because in 20 years Europe would be Muslim!
Are any of the readers of this e-mail foolish enough to think it will stop in Europe???

The text was interspersed with pictures of brown and black people living their lives and smiling and interestingly… creating art.  Others were selling goods in an open market.  Many had traditional Muslim garb, though not all.

I wondered whether my friend had an email virus that was using his account to spread unwanted emails out to his contact.  When asked via text if he sent the “do you know which city this is” text or does he need to run a virus checker ?  I offerred to email it back to him if he didn’t know what I was talking about.  In response I received the following:

I sent it firmly proudly.  Don’t need it back.  On my way to Colin Hay show.  Talk later ~ tomorrow.

My immediately rely:  No, you’ll get my reply now.  Please dont ever email me anything again.

Him: delete it then.  Peace Continue reading “Fear and Loathing in America”